347 Stainless Steel Tubing Category

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State: CT, IL, MA, MO, NJ, NY, PA, WI
  • Penn Stainless Products

    Penn Stainless is a supplier of 347/H SS seamless and welded tube. Stainless steel seamless tube is supplied in ASTM A 213, ASTM A 269 and ASTM A 511 and can be cut to specific sizes. Custom sizes can be made to order. 347/H SS welded tube is supplied in ASTM A 269, ASTM A 249 or as rolled and welded. Diameters available range from 1/8” up to 96” and can be cut to the size you need. An "easy to use" product selector is available.

    State: PA
  • RathGibson

    RathGibson are manufacturers of 347 and 347/H stainless steel. In the annealed condition at -20F to +100F, both 347 and 347/H SS have tensile strength physical properties of 75,000 psi and 515 MPa, and yield strength of 30,000 psi and 205 MPa.

    State: WI
  • Arch City Steel & Alloy, Inc.

    Arch City Steel offers 347 stainless steel tubing in fractional, metric and Imperial sizes. Outside diameters for 347 SS tube are available from 1/6" through 8 1/2".

    State: MO
  • Industrial Metals International

    Industrial Metals International offers welded 347 stainless steel tubing to AMS 5575 and MIL-T-6737 specifications. They also offer seamless 347 SS to AMS 5556 specs.

    State: NY
  • Stainless Tubular Products

    Stainless Tubular Products' specialty is ornamental stainless steel tubing. They offer welded and seamless 347 SS tube in OD's of 1/8" - 36" and wall thicknesses from .010" to 2.000".

    State: NJ
  • Snappy Materials

    Snappy Materials offers aircraft 347 stainless steel tubing stock in .125" OD pipe sizes and AMS 5556, 5571, 5574, 5616, and MIL-T-8606, 8808 specifications.

    State: CT
  • Plymouth Tube Co.

    Plymouth Tube are manufacturers of 347 aerospace seamless stainless steel tubing. Specs offered include OD ranges of .125-1" (3.175-25.4mm), wall thicknesses of .016-.065" (.41-1.65mm), and maximum lengths of 50' (15m). Aerospace applications for 347 SS include fuel lines, hydraulic lines, bleed lines, cooling lines, structural components, ducting, landing gear, and engine components.

    State: IL
  • American Tube Technology

    American Tube technology produces small diameter 347 tubing. "L" grade  is available and offers improved corrosion resistance along the weld zone.

    State: MA
  • Tube Methods, Inc.

    Tube Methods are manufacturers of 347 stainless steel tubing that are 18% chromium and 11% nickel stabilized with niobium. Typical applications include fuel lines, pumps and valves for the aerospace industry.

    State: PA
  • Phillips & Johnston, Inc.

    Phillips & Johnston can provide welded, welded and drawn, and seamless 347 stainless steel tube. Austenitic tubing finish is available for 347 SS.

    State: IL