2024 Aluminum Tubing Category

(10 companies)
State: AL, CT, NY, ON, PA
  • Industrial Metals International, Ltd.

    Industrial Metals International, Ltd. offers Alloy 2024-T3 (AMS 4088), Alloy 2024-T3 (AMS 4086), and Alloy 2024-0 (AMS 4087) aluminum tubes.

    State: NY
  • BBL Co.

    BBL Co. manufactures Alloy 2024 aluminum tubing in a variety of sizes. These tubes are constructed from ignot materials, and they have general purpose applications. Tubes can be custom vibro-etched, stenciled, marked, painted, or packaged.

    State: PA
  • Kaiser Aluminum

    Kaiser Aluminum offers 2024 alloy aluminum tubing for aircraft, heading, thread-rolling, precision fittings, and parts applications. These tubes feature high strengths, good machining characteristics, and and a fair amount of corrosion resistance.

    State: AL
  • Snappy Materials

    Snappy Materials offers drawn seamless, hydraulic, and extruded 2024 aluminum tubing for aircraft applications.

    State: CT
  • Metal Supermarkets

    Metal Supermarkets offers 2024T3 aluminum round tubes for a wide range of structural area applications, including: screw machine products, wheels, hardware, fasteners, aircraft structures, etc.

    State: ON
  • Precision Tube Co.

    Precision Tube Co. offers 2024 aluminum tubing. These tubes have 3.77 "S" weight factors, 1.10 Cr, 0.50 Si, and 1.50 Mg.

    State: PA
  • Mueller Industries

    Mueller Industries offers 2024 aluminum tubing for a wide range of applications, including: general automation, automotive, refrigeration, plumbing, sports, leisure, etc. These tubes are fully annealed, quenched, and artificially aged.

    State: TN
  • All Metal Sales Corp

    All Metal Sales Corp. offers 2024 aluminum tubing for a variety of applications, including: ship building, supports boating, railing twisting, etc. These tubes come in custom, rectangular, square, hexagonal, and round diameter shapes.

    State: NY
  • California Metal & Supply Inc

    California Metal & Supply, Inc. offers 2024 aluminum tubing for structural, hydraulic valve body, connector, rivet, and aircraft structure applications. These tubes feature 0.1 lb/in3 density ratings, ultimate tensile strengths up to 27000 PSI, 30% machinability, and annealing temperatures up to 775°F.

    State: CA
  • Pacific Alloys Corp.

    Pacific Alloys Corp. offers 2024-T3511 seamless extruded aluminum tubing with the following specifications: AMS 4165 and QQ-A-200/3. These tubes range in wall thickness from 0.188" to 1.00", in outer diameter from 1-1/2" to 8", and they come in lengths up to 144".

    State: CA