Pultruded Plastic Tubing Category

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State: NJ
  • Diversified Structural Composites

    Diversified Structural Composites manufacturers standard pultruded composites, and also custom fabricates pultruded shapes and systems for almost any system. In addition to a variety of industrial systems, structural fiberglass sheeting can provide a low-cost, high strength alternative for timber and steel piling, for retrofitting operations.

    State: KY
  • Teel Plastics, Inc.

    Teel Plastics offers high-quality, multi-layer pultruded plastic tubing for industrial systems. In addition to tubing, Teel also offers plastic, film, label, tape and converting cores.

    State: WI
  • Glasforms, Inc

    Glasforms Inc. offers extensively tested pultruded composite tubing. Their labs test flexural strength , tensile strength, compressive strength and horizontal shear strength, and all Glasforms pultruded composites meet the stringent requirements of UL-94, DMV Safety Standard #302, ASTM D635 and HLT-15.

    State: AL
  • Ten Com Ltd.

    Ten Com is committed to fabricating pultruded fiberglass composite projects, including solid rods, conductor rods, tubing and custom profiles. In addition to standard tubing, Ten Com also makes conductor rods, tool handles, duct rods, light duty handles and plant/tree stakes.

    State: OH
  • Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc.

    Emco Industrial offers custom pultruded profiles, including sheeting, rods, tubing, channels, I-beams, threaded rods and nuts. In addition to standard pultruded profiles, Emco also has FR/UV all-purpose fire-retardant polymers, and VE premium with a  UV inhibitor, fire retardant and a high corrosion resistance.

    Cedar Grove
    State: NJ
  • Advanced Fiber Products

    Advanced Fiber Products offers pultruded fiberglass rods, flats, channels, angles and round/square/rectangle tubes in a variety of lengths and widths.

    State: WI
  • Strongwell

    Strongwell offers pultruded fiberglass tool handles, in a variety of colors and sizes. In addition to standard sizes, Strongwell handles can be custom drilled, routed or cut for optimal performance.

    State: VA